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cinema movie » Your first category » Your first forum » Fear The Walking Dead - Episode 1x06 "The Good Man" (Season 1 Finale) October 04, 2015

Fear The Walking Dead - Episode 1x06 "The Good Man" (Season 1 Finale) October 04, 2015

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That was easily the best episode thus far. I knew Liza would die way back when Madison asked her to kill her if she ever turned. I really like the rich guy who helped Nick escape. I am glad they are gonna be on the ocean next year, I've always said I would grab a boat in a situation like the zombie apocalypse, it will be cool to see it play out, and now the real TWD returns next week, I am ready for Crazy Rick!

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Well this was all a setup.
And he has a boat !! My idea too some time back , so interesting to see how that works out.
The military was not bad after all, just messed up so that was a let down of sorts.

Now some questions.
Why was the black guy in the holding cell to begin with ?? I doubt they answer that.
Why was he prepared for all this ? He seems to have planned for it.
Why was he interested in Nick? he didnt seem to need him.
Why would the soldier shoot the girl ??

Was it really necessary to let out all the Z's to get in the camp? seems extreme. killed a lot of people.
ONly 1 person from the group died, I would hate to get on the show, and they kill me off after 6 eps!!
I didnt see that as necessary at this point.

I will watch S-2 as it is different and want to see how the boat works out.

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leaving the gate open bothered me, did not think about it later when they let all the Z's out.
The spanish guy I think admitted he was the guy who took people and killed them?? not the other way around.
it was his idea to let all the z;s out, and I did not like that.

As you say and I said before, they have given almost no reason to like the characters at all, really odd and bad writing.

Still it is a ok show, I watched 2 eps of the one on syfy, and now that was bad. Even this show is much better than that one.
And yes I like the boat thing, and so does one guy we have at the other site, said he had that idea too.

they need to do a lot better on the writing , or this show will go down in ratings.
If I were Amc, I would want a new writing team.

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